French, Man.

Despite the work and the stress it brings me, I actually really like school. It’s interesting and makes interaction with people other than your family necessary and, let’s be honest, it makes me much more productive and well-rounded.

But, Christ on a bicycle, do I despise french. I have a wonderful teacher and I really want to be fluent in another language, but I just can not seem to find the will to live whilst doing grammar or creating sentences or repeating words which hold no meaning to me.

I try so hard as well. I have a close friend who is fantastic at languages, and even they can’t seem to spark a proper interest. I mean, who in their right mind would be interested in how people never used to pick up rubbish from the ground, but now do? And that’s another point, half of what we learn isn’t even relevant to everyday situations. Oh yeah, I can tell you all about my town’s environmental well-being, but I can’t ask where my passport is. Real helpful.

All I’m saying is, I have zero enthusiasm in this subject and really don’t want to do it. Also, I have a speaking assessment tomorrow and I am procrastinating and writing this, which is much more attractive than actually learning the damn 500 word essay. I should probably do that now. I failed the last one so my grade kind of hinges on this.

I’ll upload this tomorrow, meaning my speaking is today when you read this… *hyperventilates* Wish me luck on my assessment guys!

Have a great day.


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