The Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts.

Sorry I’ve been a little inactive, but I have been in Paris for the last week. I have a blog post to come, of course, but for now, have this.

As an avid reader, being surrounded by books and all things creative was absolutely wonderful. The atmosphere was light even if the weather wasn’t. The jumble of tents held crafts (the stool making workshop being oddly popular), interviews with various authors, literary intellects and stars of the screen (Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Fry amongst them) as well as small shops filled with hand-crafted goodies.

We went to a few interviews/ talks, including The Key to Happiness, an incredibly interesting talk by a man who went on a spiritual journey with his autistic son and an interview of Steven Moffat which was very funny- half due to Mr Moffat, half because of the over excited fanboys/ girls in the audience. They were all easy to listen to, interesting and well worth the money spent on them. (They were only 4-5 pounds each per person anyways.)

The actual town in nearly Wales was very cute. It was packed with little cottages and small arty shops- so I was obviously in my element.There were bookshops and cafes around every single corner. Me and the bestie (pictured with the dandelion) went to this particular outdoor cafe with a huge garden which was beautiful. I wish everyone took care of their gardens like that because we spent a good hour and a half just wandering around, taking pictures and feeling like we were in a small portion ye olde England.

However, the campsite open for the visitors of the festival was chock-a-block. It was muddy, cold and somewhere where I definitely did not want to stay. Luckily, the motorhome failed its MOT last-minute, so we booked into a small attic flat about fifteen minutes away. It was, as aforementioned, small, but it was modern, clean, homesy and just enough for the three of us that went. The people were also incredibly lovely. They baked us bread, made us jam, provided us with butter, tea, coffee, sugar and milk in the kitchenette and were helpful with anything we needed.

It truly was a happy break from school and my exams. I hope to go back next year, if I have time to spare from studying. Although I was a little disappointed that I didn’t meet Benedict Cumberbatch or Steven Fry. Still, you can’t win them all. Again, I’ll whack a gallery of pictures in above.

Have a great day.


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