My Experience of Majorca.

I thought I’d start out a little more exciting, so, a while ago, it seems like forever, I went to Mallorca. We had one HELL of a flight and we couldn’t find our hotel until after dark (which in a place you don’t know, is terrifying) but the magic of being in a different country was absolutely amazing. I’d only been abroad once before, to Austria in Winter (which was freezing), so I’d never really experienced a warm climate like Spain’s before. I mean, England isn’t really known for perfect sunbathing weather, so this foreign land was like… well… a foreign land. Which it was. Bad simile, but you get the point.

I would just like to say that it was also BEAUTIFUL. Palm trees, perfect beaches and traditional terracotta rooves were just a few of the stunning features. The mountain cliffs and clear blue skies that lent themselves to striking sunsets/ sunrises were extraordinarily spectacular. It was all chock-a-block full of incredible views. I spent my days tanning the beach, playing on huge, inflatable, sea playgrounds in water that you didn’t need a wetsuit for, going on a glass bottomed boat trip, speedboat doughnutting and swimming in the hotel pool. It was my little slice of heaven.

And THE FOOD. It was glorious. The tapas, the fish, the traditional meals that I can neither spell nor pronounce, it was all wonderful. Sure, Puerto Pollensa is very commercial, but still, the food was on point. At the place we were staying, we had a rooftop terrace, so I took the opportunity to stargaze. Something about looking at the stars in a warm, humid place with the sea in the background and an uninterrupted view of the sky was just magical.

However, what wasn’t so magical was when I decided to put my earphones in and “dance” on the roof. It was the kind of dancing you do when you’re alone in your room, all flailing arms and hair everywhere. Sure, it feels great but is it graceful? No. Mid-way through “Girls/Girls/Boys” by Panic! At The Disco, one of my earphones flew out, and do you know what I heard? Guess. Go on.Yup, you guessed it- laughter. Turns out, at some point, a French family had gone up onto the adjacent rooftop and were having a whale of a time watching me thrash around like an epileptic chicken.

Apart from that, I had a fabulous time. I’ll put in some pictures it took whilst there.

Have a great day.


10 thoughts on “My Experience of Majorca.

    1. No, but we got “lost” in the system. We ended up having no seats and there was a big, confusing mix up with what where we were sitting. I also had eye pain landing and taking off. But Majorca was great! Have you been?


      1. Sounds awful… Glad you made it in the end 🙂 Just for a stop-over but what I’ve seen was really amazing, so I’ll definitely be back soon!


      2. Thank you very much! Well it’s more or less what we do in our freetime. We’re both students (I’m pursuing my Master’s degree, Sabrina is aiming for her Bachelor’s degree) and got a good amout of free time (we are putting all our courses on days in the middle of the week), so we can travel at the weekend 🙂


      3. We are gaining our money through freelance writing mainly. If you are working hard (we’re not having the easy student life that most our friends live…), you’ll gain enough to afford nice travelling. Any maybe, one day you’ll also be able to gain some money through travelling 🙂


      4. I hope so. I want to try writing/ art/ photography as a career and earning money through all that and travel too is the dream, I suppose. I find it really admirable that your working the hard life to do what you want. I’d also like to thank you for commenting. It actually gave me a real confidence boost.


      5. If you are working, your dream will definitely come true. One step a day will bring you closer every moment 🙂

        You are very welcome, it’s always nice to read good blogs and also having a nice talk about the future that will hopefully come true!


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