5 Day Editing Challenge #1

So, for this challenge, over the next 5 days I will be taking photos that I see potential in but don’t think are up to standard and will edit them in various ways in order to make them into something worth viewing.





I hope you like it.

Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “5 Day Editing Challenge #1

  1. That’s lovely! It reminds me of the photographs I have from the 70’s. Kodachrome I think. They used to get a green/blue cast…mine did anyway. It could have been the way I stored them, my parents photos did the same thing. I’m quite fond of that look!

    I can’t imagine editing this 5 times, and 5 different ways! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do. I’m sure I’ll learn something as you’re more creative than I am by a mile!

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