This is admittadly not my usual kind of post, but it’s what I feel like making today. Sometimes you have to go with what the heart wants.

So, ukuleles, am I right?

I actually love them. They make a wonderfully bright and happy sound and, as with an acoustic guitar or piano, they sound great by themselves. I have a great urge to be able to play and a large amount of songs I listen to on a regular basis (namely Jack Johnson) include a ukulele.

They really do just make me feel great and, as a novice musician, they seem like a great opening instrument. It’s not as big of a commitment as a guitar, but it offers a good sound and what seems to be a relitively easy use. I am a vocalist music-wise, so a ukulele could open up my repatoire a little bit.

One song which I would highly recommend would be “House Of Gold” by the band “Twenty One Pilots”. It really does get you in the mood to play or sing or be musical. My favourite cover by far is by Carrie Hope Fletcher, which I will link to here > <.

I hope you listen to it and feel happy because, really, that’s all I want.

Have a great day.


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