The Incredibly Strange Phenomenon of 18th Birthdays.

My sister is turning 18 tomorrow.

Now, for a lot of you, this won’t seem strange whatsoever- 18, big woop. However, for those of you with siblings, you will understand just how odd this is.

I have known this girl all of my life- literally- and we have grown up together, been to the same schools, shared the same experiences and have always seemed just the same to each other. But now it’s like there’s this new separation between us. Not in a bad way as such, but still, it’s weird.

It’s not like 13th or 16th birthdays, those were different. It’s the fact that she is becoming an adult. She’s leaving home this year. She’s going to university. She may never live in the same house as me again. Soon she’ll have her own family and her own full-time job and it freaks me out a little bit.

To me, she’s still just my sister. She is still a not-grown-up. It’s like we’re in some kind of age purgatory where we want to be adults and now that there’s this chance to be one, it worries me. I don’t know how she’ll cope with uni or how she’ll deal with the outside world.

Still, I wish her all the best and I really hope that she will do great. This incredibly strange phenomenon won’t seem so incredibly strange in a couple of months, I’m sure, but for now, I’ll just have to deal with it.

Have a great day.


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