How I Love You.

I’ve been thinking recently about how I love this. The sense of achievement I get when I log on and see that somebody has liked a post or even just looked at something that I was proud to create. The tremble of excitement during the loading time before I see how my blog did today. The interest and appreciation of the other blogs I follow as I scroll through my feed.

It makes me so happy. It is a welcome break to my everyday life of stress and exams and revision and, admittedly, god awful American TV shows. It brings a burst of new-ness and intrigue.

With each new person I find and talk to, the more open and absorbed I become to this world of different people from different countries and lifestyles and hobbies. They- you- inspire me to make creative new content and challenge me to be better.

I love my little blog. And I just wanted to say how I love you too. Thank you for being so lovely and nice and for making such great things for me to see. That’s all.

Have a great day.


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