Make Me Disney- Cinderella Make-Up Tutorial.

Okay, so me and the bestie (Emily) are starting a new project (woop woop!)- Make Me Disney. It’s pretty self explanatory- we make each other over into Disney characters, sometimes modern, sometimes period, and we decided to start with a modern-day Cinderella as she is such a classic princess. So, without further ado, here’s how to get this look:

Get a face- either yours or a friend’s.

First, apply your foundation. I used the Rimmel “Wake Me Up” Foundation and Concealer, blending in both with a flat-topped foundation brush. When using concealer, take in from the  underneath of the eye and down to the upper cheekbone, making streaks from inner corner to the outer. This way, not only will it conceal dark circles, it will also act as a highlighter. After this, set the liquids with a powder- I use the Rimmel “Stay Matte” Powder (it is the best on the highstreet as far as I can find) and brush some blush onto the apples of the cheeks.

IMG_3971 IMG_3990 IMG_3989IMG_3991

Then, with the skin done, it’s time for the eyes. Now, I used various shades of blue- Cinderella’s dress colour- but you have to be careful with it. Too much and you just look like a child raiding their mothers make-up kit. What I did was firstly lightly dust the whole of the eyelid with a white shimmer, as well as the browbone.


Then, on the outer corner and in the crease, I added a light blue matte shade, layering carefully and blending until I had the desired effect. (Both shades shown here.)


Next I took a slightly darker, and purpler, shimmer blue from the Avon True Colour “Arctic Goddess” quad palette, and took this along the lash line and up through the crease, just to tone down the really vivid small child look.

IMG_3975 IMG_3986

Then, I lined the upper lash line with the MUA Black Liner (cheap but really quite decent), following the lower eyelid line up to the first natural crease in the eye, then thinning it out towards the inside edge. I also made a line of the Silver Collection “Galactica” Liner on top of that and used a small brush to blend it upwards, but only very slightly.

IMG_3977 IMG_3993 IMG_3992

After this, I lined the underneath of the eye (being super careful) with the Avon Colour Trend Eyeliner in the colour “Skyline Blue”. I then added mascara (Avon Super Extend) before moving onto lips.

IMG_3981 IMG_3996IMG_3994

For the lips, I used the No.7 Moisture Drench in the colour “09- Waterlily”. Very light, pink and very Cinderella-ish.

IMG_4000 IMG_4007

Add a hat, ribbon, blue jeans and Disney shirt and your look is finished!


If you enjoyed this, let me know and also give some love to Emily over on “Stay A While Longer.” > <. After all, it was her face that I used.

I will keep you posted with relating “Make Me Disney” stuff, but goodbye for now.

Have a great day.


15 thoughts on “Make Me Disney- Cinderella Make-Up Tutorial.

  1. (Didn’t mean to comment the “X” just then)

    Thank you, Caitlin followers, for your wonderful and highly flattering comments about my face! I could hug you all. ^.^
    Really though, I just provided the face, Caitlin did all the awesome make-up work.
    I’m rubbish at it XD

    I am really excited to be starting our little project, so is Caitlin. I hope you love it.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Sayonara lovelies!

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