As you may well know, it was the bestie’s 16th on Monday, so here’s what we did with our weekend! I’ll make my own post, but here’s hers. Hope you like it, and check her out!

Stay a While Longer

Here be the birthday deets :3

On Friday, the LOML came to my house after school. We watched Interstellar and chilled out. By the way, Interstellar is an absolutely incredible film. I highly recommend it. It’s mind-boggling and just WOW. You will not be disappointed. Probably.

Saturday was the best day. Me, my mum and the LOML went out for a girly shopping day to buy our prom dresses! 😀 We ate red velvet cake, bought books, tried on clothes. It was such a good day. I’ll post pictures sometime soon of the stuff I bought, and of my prom dress.

The LOML also bought her dress, which is super pretty. I’ll link to her when she makes her post in the upcoming week, and you’ll see how nice the dress is. ^u^

On Sunday, the LOML made me look like a modern version of Princess Cinderella, and then…

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