Just Photography.

So, I took these pictures a while back and, honestly, I just really like them. I like the contrast between the purple and green lights and the bright flares against the darkness.

These aren’t my best, but they’re different to a lot of what I do. Experiencing new scenes just expands my knowledge further. It makes me more comfortable with what I’m doing.

I loved experimenting with the shots, finding different angles and foci, making a story in my head for each one. That’s just what I love about photography. The experimentation and creativeness that comes with it makes me feel proud of the work I’ve done.

There’s also something about seeking out the beauty in anything in photography in general- making an otherwise dull scene interesting and meaningful. Not that everything I do has a meaning, I really don’t like to be pretentious, but sometimes specific shots will scream “I AM THIS”. Photography, and art in general, is great that way.

That’s just what was on my mind today, and I’d just like to share it.

Have a great day.


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