My First Spa Experience.

As you may well already know, on Monday, me and the bestie went to the Woodland Spa at Crow Wood. I didn’t honestly know whether or not I would like it- I’m the kind of person who is easily bored when unoccupied and very easily distracted. So, going in, I had no idea what to expect.

However, when I first entered the spa area, my first reaction was luxury. Everything was pristine. The area was open with high ceilings and beautiful decorations. The staff was professional, polite and welcoming.

Even the locker rooms were something to behold. There were no keys for these lockers, no sir, it was all electronic magic. They provided a towel, robe and flip-flops, so all I needed to take was my swim suit, and off I went, into the spa.

There was a central room as you went in, containing a circular hydrotherapy pool in the centre, with seats lining the inside edge of the pool, some upright and some laid back, but all with jets of water which massages the back like a dream. At the poolside there were lounges, some tiled and heated, curved to a comfortable shape, others normal but with the most comfortable padding imaginable. Other than that, there were Roman foot baths, which were nice, I guess, but not my kind of thing, and an ice fountain which, after going into the other rooms, actually felt amazing on my eczema.

Leading off from that room, there was a sauna, saunarium (slightly cooler, which I preferred), steam room and salt steam. The salt steam I liked, but the steam room I just could not deal with. Too humid for my taste.

Next up was my second favourite part of the whole experience. The serenity pool. It had a kind of magic that made my stress just melt away. There were the same kind of cushioned lounges as the central room, and these, mixed with the low blue lighting, warm, slightly humid atmosphere and the quiet noise of the small heated pool being the only sound made me want to fall asleep right there and then. It was so comfortable and the pool was so nice, I think I spent a good straight hour just in there alone. It was wonderful.

The last element to my experience was the outside. Half of which I disliked and the other half I adored. What I didn’t like was the outdoor pool. It was slightly salted, which was fine, but it was just too cold for me. Two laps around that and I was done. The part that I loved, I didn’t get to experience till the last half hour of my time there. And believe me, I would have stayed longer, but it was getting really late.

So, when it comes down to it, I love hot tubs. Especially ones outdoors. When it’s dark and the stars are out. And when you’re with the bestie. It was perfect. Warm and bubbly, yet cool and refreshing at the same time. We just leaned back, looked at the constellations, talked, laughed, planned et cetera et cetera. It was just incredible.

The Woodland Spa. I couldn’t recommend it enough. I loved it, the bestie loved it, it was fabulous. You should REALLY try spa-ing out sometime, if you haven’t already, because it is great.

Have a great day.


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