Since when did I become so social?

Why yes, the bestie and I will be having a…
Expect a blog post soon on this.
Have a great day.

Stay a While Longer

My eventful week off continues!
I’ve had a lovely Valentine’s Day out in town with my friend, I’m going to Madrid on Tuesday, and today, I’m going to sleep at the LOML’s house because tomorrow we’re having…


To celebrate the LOML’s birthday (though it was in December) we’re having a spa day in which we will be pampered and relax and it will be amazing. ^.^

I hope everyone’s holiday is as eventful and friendship-filled as mine is. However, I am confused as to when I became this social, all my past holidays have been dull and lonely. XD
Ah well, can’t dwell on the past.

Have a wonderful day.
Sayonara lovelies!

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