The WORST Weather.

Looking at these pictures you may find them dull. Dreary. Blank. That’s because they are. This is why I hate fog. Granted it’s not the only reason, but from where I stand, it is plain and simple- boring.

You see any other type of weather does something to the environment- Sun creates happiness, snow creates some kind of magic, frost, a clean and crisp sparkle. Even rain adds movement at the very least. But fog? Nothing. If anything, it subtracts. It also means my camera play up on me. See here, two pictures, neither amazing and made much more difficult to create because of the blank whiteness that is fog:

IMG_3864 IMG_3863

Back to my last point, before I got sidetracked, it creates a small space, as if it’s brought the edge of the world closer. It blanks out all out of the range of 10 meters from myself, making my world seem suddenly very small and encapsulating and I hate the enclosure. Yet, at the same time, it seemingly gives the impression of a huge area, just out of view. Like when you’re in the ocean and can’t see the floor and, as you tread water, you have no clue what exactly is around you. Two of my biggest fears are small spaces and truly vast spaces. And, guess what? Fog creates both.

It is depressing to be in. It makes me want to stay in bed all day with the blinds closed. You may have a different opinion. In some cases, I’m sure it’s really beautiful, but from where I stand, it’s just not.

Have a great day.


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