Trains are mundane. Ordinary. People use them everyday to gat from A to B. Think of the tube and the huge amount of business men and women travelling to their oh so important jobs every single weekday morning. They are so hurried and serious, as if getting to their job, their occupation is the most important thing in the world.

It just doesn’t seem right somehow. They never seem to be able to stop or care or think about anything else. They don’t care about the great amount of work and ingenuity went into making their journey possible.

For me, trains are wonderful. They allow me to travel so quickly, yet so peacefully. I love to sit and read a book or watch out of the window and know exactly where I’m going and what I’m doing. Everything seems, to me, to be clear and straightforward when travelling by train.

The Victorians, as well, thought that trains had a magic. Of course, this was only partly due to the new, exciting technology that was available to the masses, the other, major reason was the time. They could be certain that the train would arrive exactly on the dot at, for example, 8AM, and then travel to their destination and see that the clock at the second station also read 8AM. This was an incredible feat that, at the time, they just didn’t understand, and it was amazing to them. (We now have a set time to go by, and all clocks are, or should be the same, so this is no longer an issue, but the Victorians were astounded by it.)

See. Trains. They are just so great to me, and I think that they are vastly underappreciated.

I don’t know if you can relate to this, but it is something that has been irking me for a while now. Anyways, next time you get on a train, just try to see the beauty in it, it really does make all the difference.

Have a great day.


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