On The Topic Of Faith.

Starting out, I just want to say that I don’t believe in God. I don’t have a religion, even though I have been in the Roman Catholic education system my whole life, plus I was an altar server at my church for years on end. But, when it comes down to it, I really just don’t believe.

But, honestly, I wish I did.

There was a post from another blogger called Dawn, from the site “It Just Dawned On Me” (loving the pun there, by the way) and it kind of resonated with me. It was called “Positive Vibes” link> https://gibsongirl247.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/positive-vibes/ < and it made me wish that I could believe in a higher power, a being who has a plan for me, who knows what’s going on in my life, even when I don’t, and be something I can depend on to talk to. It is nice. Warm. Safe.

It seems like a wonderful thing. She said herself that some people will scoff at her for praising her God, but I think it’s great. She is sharing her joy, her happiness, with her community. And even though I don’t think her God exists (a bit harsh, but true) her ideals, and those of the Church are ones that I agree with.

Any religion that is based on community, kindness and honesty is a good thing in my book. I do find it strange that people gather to worship something that I myself can’t feel, but the goodness that is created is a thing to admire. And I support that.

And I know that some people will ask, “Why don’t you just pray and go to church, etc, if that’s what you want?”, but the thing is, I have. And it felt dishonest. Dishonest to them for participating in a sacred ceremony in which I had no faith, for eating what they believed to be the revered body and blood of their savior and for being somewhere where the people had so much passion where I had none. I also felt dishonest to myself. I had no passion and I was saying and doing things that I didn’t truly believe in.

Still, I think that religion is good. And I am glad that positive people can send out positive vibes to wherever they end up, because they make my world a happier place, and that is really what I’m all about.

Please don’t make fun of what people believe in. It is what they love, and what they’re passionate about and you taking the wind out of their sails is just plain nasty. Try to listen to them and let them have their own views, because they’re theirs, and that in no way needs to matter to you. Concentrate on the good in people and the good in yourself and everything will be happier. I can guarantee it. So yeah. That’s what I wanted to say today.

Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “On The Topic Of Faith.

  1. Straceface, Thank you for reading my blog post. 🙂 I enjoyed reading yours also. I appreciate your honesty, and being able to say what you want to say without being antagonistic or belligerent. I know you’ve said that you do not believe in God, although you grew up participating in “religious” types of things…..and I agree with you that just doing “the things” or following the rituals does not make one a Christian. You are a perfect example of one who does the outward things, but still does not believe. Because your honesty in your post touched me, may I say something? There are many stories of atheists that later in life, after many questions and much research came to the conclusion that there is,not only a God that exists, but that He wants to know each of us personally. C.S Lewis (author and speaker), and Lee Strobel (former reporter for the Chicago Tribune who has written a wonderful book entitled A Case For Faith). Both of these men were staunch atheists for many years. I encourage you to not close your mind off to the possibility of God, but to continue to search.

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    1. Thank you. I really appreciate that you took the time to read my post ^.^ And I will try to keep an open mind, even if it is quite difficult at present. Your point about God having a plan for all of us is really touching, and I actually hope that that’s true, even if I can’t commit to it myself. Thank you 🙂


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