Top 10 Sleepy Songs.

Having trouble sleeping? Relaxing? Unable to stop worrying and thinking all the damn time? Then, hey, this is a playlist that I would definitely recommend. I mean, it helped me, and being unable to sleep is DEFINITELY something I’ve been experiencing recently. So yeah, let’s get into it.

1. The End Of All Things- Panic! At The Disco. This is not a song that I would listen to right on the edge of sleep, it’s a little too harsh for that, but it definitely sets the mood and relaxes me.

2. So This Is Love- From Cinderella. Yes it’s old and from a Disney move. That just qualifies it all the more to be a sleepy song. It is nice and cute and gives me nice dreams, okay?

3. Send Yourself Away- Seth Lakeman. Really sweet, slow and with a story to focus on aswell as the music.

4. State Of Grace (Acoustic Version)- Taylor Swift. Unlike the original, this version is soft and slow and not as brashly happy and pop. As a tip, acoustic versions of songs can be perfect to relax to- if they’re done in the right way.

5. Stardust- Michael Buble with Naturally 7- The deep voices, harmonies and slow tempo make this song incredibly relaxing. To be honest, there are about 10 Buble songs that I could have put on this playlist, but this seemed the most appropriate.

6. Follow The Heron Home- Karine Polwart. Again, Karine is one of those artist whose songs are made for easy listening. I find this one especially sleepy though.

7. Do You Remember- Jack Johnson. I could have also put Better Together and Banana Pancakes on here, anything by him just makes you feel so happy and relaxed.

8. Kiss Me- Ed Shearan. If I’m being frank, I just really like this song. I listen to it every night before I sleep because it is so soft and sweet.

9. Please Leave The Light On When You Go- Fun. Long title, short song. It’s really cute, and kind of reminds me of the song “Beauty And The Beast” for some unknown reason, but that could have also gone on this playlist.

10. Like Rain- Dog Ears. I have saved the best till last. If you needed one song to send you to sleep, this is it. If I’m having a particularly bad night, I will literally just listen to this on repeat untill I can’t keep my eyes open. You should check out their other stuff too, it’s all great for this kind of thing.

Oh, and as a general tip, although you may want to crank the volume up to full (I usually do- I know, it’s bad for my ears, but what can I say? I’m a rebel like that.), it’s better to leave it at under 60%. It makes the music much softer and your brain isn’t as heavily stimulated.

So, yeah. Those are my to 10 sleepy songs. I hope they help.

Have a great day.


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