Feeling Fat.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions, as you may very well know from my other blog post “And Then There Are Resolutions”, is to be happier. More positive. And I thought that I would share this body positivity with you today. It’s something that I know affects a lot of people, and I want to help in any way I can. I just hope that this might reach them, to, if not help them, offer a few kind words. Here we go.

I am incredibly fortunate that I do not have an enormous amount of insecurities and am naturally self-confident. I am quite comfortable with myself, which is more than a lot of teenagers can say about themselves. I also have great friends who are unbelievably non-judgemental when it comes to things like weight.

My current weight is 9 stone and 3 pounds.

According to my height, age and gender, this is perfectly healthy. However, because of my idealised image of what a woman should be, even with all of my self-confidence and accepting friend group, sometimes I look in the mirror and think “Oh God, am I fat?”

If you knew me, this is probably the last thing you’d imagine me doing, I mean, I dressed up in a fat suit and paraded around in front of all of my peers, but it happens to all of us, or the majority anyway.

I don’t just wear skater skirts because I like the style or because I think they suit me but because I worry about the size of my waist and can feel comfortable knowing that nobody can see a roll of belly fat that isn’t really there.

My eating habits are not good. I never eat breakfast and sometimes lunch meaning I can go all day not eating anything until 4 o’clock, when I get home. I then snack constantly until tea and then for a while afterwards. My family tells me “One day you’ll get fat.” And it’s true.

I know that when they say this, it’s out of concern, but often jokes are made and even though I play along, I feel hurt and without meaning to, begin to question my size.

I am not yet overweight, but if I don’t change, I soon will be. And I have to remind myself of that sometimes. I am not fat. I do not have weight issues. I am perfectly fine the way I am.

Fortunately, I can say this to myself and stop the thoughts before it gets out of control. However, I’ve heard about crazy diets among my friends, seen how unhealthy people can get on TV and in real life and know how thoughts like this can rule a person’s life.

It’s not fair. Young people, or people of any age, should not feel the pressure of others, including their peers, and be judged by them in this way. Not on top of everything else that goes on in the teen years.

So stop. Unless you actually obese or seriously underweight, you do not need to worry about your body. Just eat properly and, and for God’s sake, stay healthy. And do not judge other people. They are in the same position as you. You do not have the right to hurt them.

When you have those negative thoughts give yourself a pep talk: I am not fat. I do not have weight issues. I am perfectly fine the way I am. Because you are not fat and you do not have weight issues and you are perfectly fine the way you are.

I hope this helped.

Have a great day.


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