Amazing Day Trip Part 1.

Have you ever had one of those trips which start out incredibly unpromising but end up truly wonderful? Well, this is from one of those times.

So, last summer, we were staying at a campsite one holiday in some slice of English countryside somewhere and, if I’m honest, it was pretty dreary, as you would expect from England. But I, deciding to make the most of it, went to the reception desk and asked for all of the brochures for places within 30 minutes driving distance. I didn’t get a huge array, so our choices were pretty limited. After some unenthusiastic deliberation, we settled on a small animal sanctuary. The leaflet was quite nice, but not particularly exciting. I really didn’t expect much as we set off.

When we got there, the front face of it was just a bit… boring. It was dull and a little worn, so going in, I didn’t really have high hopes. Inside, we were greeted with a small gift shop, filled with your usual gift shop items- key chains, mood rings, wind chimes, et cetera- and there were absolutely no signs of animal activity whatsoever.

However, venturing deeper into the small building, through a set of double doors, a couple of plastic sheet-y things and a final sliding door, we were met with a truly beautiful scene. There was tropical foliage, dense with gorgeous flowers, butterflies fluttering around, a couple of exquisite birds with the most wonderful plumage (although I struggled to photograph a couple of them). It was absolutely stunning. If there’s one thing I love, it’s butterflies, and I was in my element.

Be that as it may, there was one drawback. What I didn’t notice upon entering the room was a long length of rope, strung al the way around the room. Now, you might ask, “What’s so special about that rope?” Well, I’ll tell you. Do you know what was on that rope? Hmmm? Ants. That’s what. Without even realising it, I had brushed up against a section of that rope and was then covered in ants.  Okay, covered was a bit of an exaggeration, but those buggers bite. Flailing is strangely something I am particularly good at, and I sure showed everyone who was there. It was nasty.

Anyhow, we spent a solid hour in there, at least. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better (apart from the ants incident), we went outside.

To be continued.

Due to the large amount of pictures (and there are a hella more in the next part) and writing, I’ve split this up into two parts. I’ll put the next up probably next week, so keep an eye out if you want to see that.

So yeah. I hope you’ve enjoyed this and are looking forwards to the next one.

Have a great day.


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