Hey, I’m Not Dead.

Hello everybody! No, I’m not dead, although I do look a little bit like a corpse right now. Anyways, you know all of that stress that I was talking about? Well, it all came to fruition over the past two weeks. God damn have I been busy.

On the first week of my absence, I had my mocks. Twice I had full days of exams. I understand why the school does this, but it is just so difficult for the students. Every single night I stayed up late revising and worrying and I just didn’t have any time to relax or cool down.

I think it went well though. I mean, there weren’t any major blunders apart from in french and physics. I think we all knew that french would end badly, but at least I tried. Physics though, I finished with time to spare, and like the wonderful student I am, I checked back over my 6 mark questions. It wasn’t until, literally, 5 minutes to the end of the exam I found a completely blank double page which, I’m sure, I failed spectacularly on. Still, apart from that, I think it went okay.

Then, in the second week, I had an extortionate amount of singing to do. See, the head of music was leaving and she had planned a huge concert as her send off. We also had a church service, various assemblies and masses and, unfortunately a funeral. Let me walk you through the week:

Monday- Choir rehearsals all day, which was tiring as hell. Also, the 7 & 8 choir was doing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” which was a bad idea in the first place, and at hearing that it was absolutely shocking, it got cut. However, the band had spent all night learning it, so me and a friend were sprung a duet. Fun.

Tuesday- The day of the concert, so even more rehearsals. All was well, until my duet partner called in sick, so I now had a solo. In any other situation, a solo is great, but high pressure and high expectations made it very nerve- wracking. As well as this, I ended up hosting, which I didn’t even know about until about a half hour before. Fortunately, it was a fabulous concert, my solo got a standing ovation (which, by the way, I wasn’t expecting) and I didn’t slip up on my lines.

Wednesday- One of our members of staff died due to leukemia, so it was a bad day. Some of us were chosen to sing at his funeral, and i couldn’t say no, because he was a truly incredible man. It was a lovely song, “May The Choirs Of Angels Come To Greet You”, and I really think we did it, and him, justice.

Thursday- We hosted a lunch and carol concert for OAPs in school, which meant, yes, more singing. In chamber choir, we have a song which we do every christmas called, “Thorns In The Straw ” which had very intricate harmonies and sounds amazing, but, unfortunately, the elderly just wouldn’t stop talking. To be fair though, once you’re 70+, I think you’re allowed to do what you like, really. Then, in the evening, we had a carol service in the church, which was lovely, even if I’m not religious.

Friday- Again, chamber choir sang “Thorns In The Straw”, only, this time, in every single christmas assembly, of which there were 5. Imagine sitting through the same assembly 5 damn times. UGH. Then I went home and slept for 4 hours before going to a christmas party, which we left at 12:30.

Saturday/Sunday- And now I’m ill. Like, seriously sick. And just in time for christmas. Yay. So now I’m writing this essay, explaining where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to for the past two weeks in my absence. Sorry about that.

Have a great day.


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