Christmas Presents!

So, it’s Christmas Eve, so I feel as though, in the spirit, I would show you a few things I’ve gathered for this year’s presents. It’s a little late to buy your presents now, unless you’re just getting around to your shopping and are having a last-minute rush, but it’s good yo have some ideas in the bank for birthdays or for next year.

So, the first person I bought for was my mum. She was fairly difficult to buy for, but it just took a little bit of thought and some pre- planning to make it work. This year, I’ve bought her 3 things:

A hand painted teapot. I bought this at a christmas market and thought it was perfect for her. She absolutely adores tea (very British, I know) and it is just adorable.

Some perfume from France. I bought this in Sephora, in a shopping centre near Calais. I didn’t really know what she wanted, but I thought this one smelt like something she might wear.

A Rubie Rae necklace. This is from the “Nectar” range and is embellished with Swarovski crystals. It would usually be out of my price range, but because of the sale on Amazon, I got is for a great price.

The second, and most difficult, person is my dad. He is absolutely horrific to buy for because anything he wants, he’ll buy for himself. And if he doesn’t like it, he’ll let you know. So, this year, I bought him two thing that I feel are in the safe zone:

A home- made christmas chutney. Both of these I got at the same market as the teapot, which just shows that you can get really thoughtful presents at a really good price if you go out and look for them.

Mulled wine mix. Now, this is a liquid that has been infused with cinnamon, aniseed, orange etc, which you mix with warm wine to create mulled wine. This is perfect because every year he attempts to make mulled wine and fails epically.

The next person I bought for was my sister. She was simple. I know exactly what she likes and she has some big things coming up that I knew she would want to be prepared for. Again, I bought her 3 things:

A notebook. I got this in Paris and as she’s going off to do chemistry at university this year, this was straight forward.

A gold leaf necklace. She loves statement necklaces and wears one everyday, and this is right up her alley.

Some L’Oreal Paris lipstick, from Paris, in the colour “Hypnotic Red”. She suits the kind of lipsticks I don’t, so it was just a matter of finding something that looked absolutely horrific on me.

The final person is, the one and only, Emily. She was also difficult, but not in the same way as Dad. I just wanted something equally sentimental and useful. I think I’ve achieved this in the 3 things I’ve bought her:

Some Sephora “Kiss Me” lip balm. She never has any lip balm to hand and she looks hella good in red, so this covers all bases.

Some Mango Sephora perfume. We have a joke where I call her “Magno” after watching the vine that it’s from together. Plus, It smells great.

“Stories In The Stars” by Susanna Hislop. This is, not only beautifully illustrated, but it has stories from various mythologies, including the Ancient Greeks, which we love. We also adore stargazing, so it will be doubly interesting once we know the stories behind the stars. I have also written little notes of my thoughts on post-its and stuck them throughout the book, like a running commentary.

So, there you go. That’s what I’ve bought for people this year, and I have to say, I really enjoy finding this that I just know my people will love. I hope this gives you some ideas, or at the very least entertains you.

Have a great day.


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