It’s Less Than A Month…


I cannot express quite how excited I am. I’m one of those unapologetically eager people who can not wait for the holiday season to start. As soon as Halloween passes, BAM, it’s all coming up Christmas.

You know how I made a post saying how I’m always late to the party? Yeah, here’s the exception. I will always, forever, prep like crazy and stretch the celebration out for as long as I possibly can. I have no idea where I got it from, neither of my parents are especially festive, in fact, they swing the other way a little, so my endeavours irritate them endlessly (not gonna lie, it gives me great pleasure).

Still, I have my presents ready for wrapping, cards waiting to be written and movies lined up on my shelf. The only reason I haven’t started on them already is because my and the bestie are planning a pre-Christmas party. Just the two of us, so it’s really more of a gathering, if that, but I wanted the alliteration.

Activities include: present wrapping, card writing, movie watching, cookie baking, hand-made decoration failing (I’ll let you know how that turns out…) and festive music listening. Although, I have already indulged in some Michael Buble (“e” with an accent) because, in my opinion, he is the king of Christmas. It’s like he is dormant all year, popping out a couple of hits, but at this time of year he just explodes with a new album.

Anyway, the above pictures are from last Christmas, so they are relevant. But- OMG HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT SNOW? Love, love, LOVE it. I have literally checked the forecast every day since October for snow. I am wishing on all of my lucky stars for a white Christmas because it just makes it magical. Okay, I’ll shut up now before I go off on a huge tangent.

Point is, my happiness levels have risen hugely (even with the mocks coming up and the awful amount of drama occurring) because that’s what happens at this time of year. I truly hope that you all feel the same. Let me know.

Have a great day.


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