There is some mild language in this post, nothing terrible, but if you’re not okay with that, I just thought I would put a disclaimer in here.

Do you ever get sick of drama? People bitching behind other’s backs, making up rumours, getting involved when they have no right? Well, lets just say, I hate it.

I generally try to stay out of it and not take sides or be biased, but other people… they are downright nasty. They find an issue between two people and blow it up out of proportion. They twist the truth to make an interesting story or to create gossip if times are “boring”.

It hardly ever happens to me, I mean, like I said, I try to keep away from all of that, but it is so difficult when it’s your friends who are doing the shit-stirring. I have two friends who, like me, don’t push their way into situations. Two. The rest just stick their two-pence in wherever they can and, let me tell you, they break up friendships/ relationships because of it. They get carried away by it all and, even I have to admit, the latest scandal can be extraordinarily interesting, but getting involved is another matter entirely.

I wish we could all focus on ourselves and doing nice things for everybody and thinking before we speak and simply being pleasant. It would make the world such a better place.

You do you. That’s my motto. I say it everyday. Literally. And that’s because I believe that if we all expressed ourselves how we wanted and didn’t get involved in matters that aren’t directly linked to ourselves (unless it’s to, like, help people), we would all be so much happier than going around judging what other people are wearing or what kind of music they like. It frustrates me so damn much.

I’m sorry for going on a rant, but I really think that people should just BE NICE. I really hope you all take something away from this because I am sick and tired of drama. So to re-cap, next time you’re about to stick your nose in, please, please, PLEASE just think. That’s all I’m asking.

Have a great day.


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