Yoga? More Like Y-ugh-a.

So, I tried yoga. It is said that yoga is wonderful, stress relieving, empowering and great for gaining control of your body and mind. My best friend found all of this to be true. She was relaxed and felt incredible afterwards. Myself, on the other hand, well, not so much.

The three main necessities for all yogies are balance, strength and flexibility. This is where my issues came in. Now, I’m not completely out of shape, in fact, I find sports , especially athletics, fab, but yoga was not my cup of tea. First of all, for all of the running and throwing that I do, I have no strength in my body. So, holding a squat or plank or whatever is not only uncomfortable, but bordering on painful.

Secondly, we did a whole section balancing on one leg. I have no idea how everyone else was keeping up with our instructor, but I was falling about all over the place. Just imagine a room of about 20 people, all novices, plus an instructor. The majority are bumbling along quite nicely- a few stumbles here and there, but managing just fine. And then you get that one girl, in the centre right, flailing around, literally a danger to the people around her, often completely failing and ending up on her arse. Yup, that’s me.

And then there’s flexibility. Unfortunately, I was given the smallest hamstrings in the world which does not bode well for touching my toes or stretching. Whilst everyone was making a genuine effort, it probably looked like I wasn’t trying at all. I can only reach so far before the back of my legs set on fire. I honestly tried my best, but from anyone else’s perspective, I was making a mockery of the class. And that felt god awful.

I left frustrated, embarrassed and defeated. I apologised to the instructor and she was lovely about it, but still. A large portion of the class absolutely adored it, though, so what do I know? They would highly recommend it and I will try it again, hopefully with a more positive attitude, and maybe I’ll enjoy it more.

On a final note, I have an enormous amount of awe for professional yogies. Well done, my friend, well done.

Have a great day.


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