Paris, Part Two.

So, in my last Paris post (Paris, Part One.), I said pretty much everything I wanted to, but I can chatter in incessantly for hours, and I will happily do so. Although I was informed that it isn’t a nice place to live due to pollution and noise, et cetera, so keep that in mind.

Anyway, there was something that I hadn’t talked about last time, and that was the lock bridge. Something about putting a lock onto, what would ordinarily be a very boring bridge compared to others in Paris, was special. What I was doing had been done by thousands of people before me- lovers and family and best friends and single people, like me, just joining the community of people who had locked away a secret and thrown away the key. I know it’s not permanent, that the panels get too heavy and are replaced, but it sure felt that way.

Also, I felt very free and open and excited, just being in this new, weird, wonderful city. It was somewhere where I felt right at home- not nervous, uncomfortable or scared about getting lost, but calm and simply happy. The people were a little different from the English, but that just made the place more… French.

And yet again, my “oh my gods” moment came from the food. Fresh crepes, baguettes, macaroons… delicious. I would eat them all day everyday. The only thing that could possibly top them id turron, but I have to go to Spain for that.

So, yeah. Paris. Beautiful, magical, incredible. Et puis- je dire encore, je l’adore.

Have a great day.



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