Late to the Party.

As you know, it was Halloween recently. I love Halloween. And Bonfire Night. And all of the other wonderful, traditional, fun events that happen year round. Yet, every single year, I miss them. I am never on top of things, never on time or ready for an upcoming celebration.

I’m that person who never knows the date, or the day, or even the year. I get mixed up every time it changes, even though I should know, and do kind of know, it’s coming up. It’s not that I deliberately ignore anything, it just goes right over my head whilst I’m doing other things. Unfortunately, unlike Drax, my reflexes aren’t that good.

I also missed out on dressing up and looking stupid without anyone caring or trick or treating (well, looking at the adorable horde of Elses and Anas and whatever else trick or treat). I missed scaring myself brainless with horror movies and staying up all night, chatting with the bestie because we’re too terrified to sleep.

But the worst thing, besides being late to the party with fun things, like Halloween (which I’m “celebrating” today, by the way) I am generally always late to the party. Birthdays completely slip my mind because there are so many per year every year. I forget and bring a crappy gift and it looks like I don’t care enough to put in effort, but I do. Sincerely. I find myself constantly playing catch up and it is so tiring.

Still, at least I try. And I applaud anyone else who does too. Props to the organised people, I am baffled at how they do it. Any tips would be seriously welcomed. I really want to be better at this stuff, because being late to the party, sucks.

Have a great day.


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