The Wonderful Town of New Quay.

New Quay was quaint. It was cold. It was colourful. Windy. Nice. It was exactly the kind of place where it’s easy to sit and think of new ideas or mull over problems. I found that sitting on the wall of the branching arm protecting the dock was entirely peaceful. I mean, yes, my hair was tugged everywhichway by the wind and the sea was sending up spray and the gulls were everywhere, but it just seemed very… isolated from everything else. It was also a great place to take pictures- on a side note, I really like photographing yachts.

The people there were lovely. We had fish and chips, handmade, fresh ice-cream and there was this wonderful cafe which had the most delicious food. Nobody seemed rushed- they were all content to just enjoy being in New Quay.

There weren’t any huge chain supermarkets, just people’s own businesses. A small art shop off of the main road running through the town sold me a sterling silver ring that I have been wearing ever since I left. A little reminder of the town. In my town we have a Pound Shop and 99p Shop, but here they had a “One Pound Twenty Plus Shop”, something that, for some reason, made me laugh uncontrollably.

I also loved the rows of houses. Blue and purple and yellow and any other colour in the book, lined the narrow streets. The architecture was adorable, small with grand doors and a white trim. It is one of the best looking areas I have ever seen. The pictures can’t quite manage to capture the vividness of the houses. The surrounding towns had the same look, but the vibe in New Quay was my favorite.

However, there was one downside. And it was this. Oh my goodness graciousness, it was STEEP. It was built completely on a hill, and for someone as lazy as me, it was the worst thing climbing those hills. They were practically at a 45 degree angle. I’m the kind of person who likes to wander around and explore a little, but my GODS was it tiring.

But seriously, I loved little New Quay. It was the most delightful, charming place I’ve been in a long time. Again, I’ll make a gallery of some of the photos I took there and in the next town over.

Have a great day.


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