Oh, Hey There.

Here’s the thing. I never finish anything. Stories, diaries, calenders, random stuff that I just decide to start doing one day, I kind of just leave hanging. I had another blog before this and after about three posts I got distracted and moved on. I’m hoping to -insert diety- that I carry this on. I really need to learn a lesson and since I want to create a successful art business I should really develop some self discipline. But hey, How I Met Your Mother has finished and this cycle’s Americas Next Top Model has drawn to a predictable, yet exciting, close, so there may be some hope for me.

I have a great vision for this blog. My photographs and art painting the walls. Reviews and advice galore. Ideas popping out of the windows. Aspirations and experiences bursting through the chimney like Zazu firing out of that hot steam vent while hyenas fall around laughing wildly… It’s beautiful. Truly.

This will (hopefully) be my little child growing and developing and making friends. And we all know that small, adorably odd children don’t get abandoned by their slightly eccentric parent, right? Well, at the least I want to post every weekend to begin with, but maybe if more people read this and expect more from me, I’ll up the ante.

So, if you have any questions for me, an aberrant stranger on the world wide web with a slightly askewed perspective on life, leave me a comment.

I’m not quite sure how long these things are supposed to be, so I’m just going to stop here. I think I’ve said everything I wanted to say in my first post anyhow.

Have a great day.


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